Car Insurance :

Compulsory insurance ( civil liability insurance against third parties):
It includes liability insurance arising from the use of the vehicle a usage requires legal accountability for the driver / insured, This is due to the physical injury it causes to others, according to Libyan law, and this type is mandatory imposed under the law and should be applicable under the compulsory insurance system of civil liability arising from the use of vehicles where necessary, Every vehicle owner is required to undertake insurance when licensing the vehicle, and his prices and liability limits are specified in accordance with the instructions issued in accordance with the system.  

Supplementary insurance :

It is an optional insurance and its prices are determined by the insurance companies according to the terms of competition among them. This type of insurance provides protection to the chassis of the vehicle that caused the accident, which is not covered by the compulsory insurance, as the company undertakes to compensate the insured for the damage or loss that befalls the vehicle, its accessories and spare parts that are included in collision cases. Or capsizing, fire, external explosion, ignition, thunderbolt, theft, attempted theft, or the act of others, and for falling or flying objects, and for damages that occur to the insured vehicle during its towing due to a malfunction or breakdown. Insurance is also subject to conditions and exclusions according to the insurance documents provided by it Companies .
full insurance:

This type of insurance combines the two types of compulsory and supplementary insurance, and this type is obtained directly from the companies. The contract includes two policies in which the compulsory insurance policy is subject to the terms and conditions of the compulsory insurance system in accordance with the system and the prices determined accordingly, and the supplementary insurance policy therein is subject to the terms of the insurance policy issued by the company at the prices that It is decided.. 

Car insurance procedures

 Procedures for issuing supplementary and comprehensive insurance policies

  • This type of insurance is requested from the company directly or through its representatives or approved agents.
  • The customer chooses the type of cover according to his need, and detailed information about the vehicle is written down.
  • The insurance price is determined according to the type of cover and the conditions stipulated in the insurance policies.
  • The company conducts an inspection on the vehicle to ensure its safety and confirm the damage to the chassis or any missing parts in it, if any.
  • The policy is issued, and the insurance premium is calculated according to the price set by the company and is paid by the insured and a copy of the issued document is delivered..
  • Compensation procedures

    • Inform the company of the accident and provide the documents, which are the police report( croquet ) , driver and vehicle licenses and the insurance contract in effect at the time of the accident  .
    • The company’s representative checks the damaged vehicle and prepares a list of the damages and parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
    • The vehicle shall be repaired in coordination with the company through the repair workshops that they are approved and selected by, and the deduction and depreciation rates established in the contract in the event of replacing the damaged parts.
    • The amount is settled and the liability clearance is signed.
    • With regard to physical damages, the claim shall be settled according to the laws in force in particular.