Passenger insurance

The Takaful Company provides a Takaful contract for international travel, which has become a mandatory contract in travel for all countries and a prerequisite for obtaining an entry visa for them so that these countries do not bear the financial consequences that arise when some sudden risks occur to the traveler.

The importance of this contract ) document ( lies in its being necessary for many of the sudden risks faced by the traveler abroad, which may confuse his budget and time, and this type of solidarity is considered a system of cooperation on land and to remove the harm to the traveler because of his exposure to the risk stipulated in this contract . This service is based in its legitimacy on the principles of the glorious Islamic Sharia, which call for cooperation and solidarity among people  .

This type of insurance is available to citizens and residents, and the services of this insurance product begin after the passenger boarding the plane, and the insurance does not include those with chronic illnesses, but rather sudden ones. .