health insurance:

If you are in a management position in your company or organization, then you undoubtedly realize that your workers are your real capital . The success of scientific and technical progress and the development of administrative work depends on the qualified human element, as it is the main factor for the success of business . Consequently, the provision of health care to workers and their families ensures that the worker enjoys a state of physical and psychological health that reflects positively on the worker’s productivity and level of performance. .

It is no secret to you, as officials or managers, that providing such care is not an easy thing. Workers have multiple needs with regard to health services, whether for themselves or their families, inside or outside the country . It is also no secret that the costs of obtaining health care directly from hospitals and medical centers are prohibitive and draining the budgets of many companies and institutions. .

There is no doubt that following up on the technical, financial and administrative aspects resulting from this constitutes a burden that disturbs executives and business owners with what they consume of time, effort and money..

By choosing a health insurance program with a pre-set premium, you will enjoy the desired peace of mind and be safe from the surprises that may arise from the exorbitant expenses of unexpected health cases . Thus, you can monitor and control the medical expenses that you allocate in your accounts, in addition to inferring and controlling them by allocating a specific and known amount for health care in the company’s budget . By transferring the burden and expenses of health care to us, you will have time to devote yourself to managing and developing your company or institution, as you will not be concerned again with any administrative or financial problems related to providing health care to your workers. .

Takaful Insurance Company provides a comprehensive health care program for groups through a wide health network inside and outside Libya according to three levels that differ in the annual treatment ceiling for the individual and within the framework of a flexible schedule of benefits to meet the needs and ambitions of different groups.

This service is supported by one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world, which is a company Allianz Care Insurance, which has partnerships with the best medical services management companies . Provide a company   Allianz Care Global health, life and disability insurance services, as well as providing a variety of medical solutions, health and protection services for companies, institutions and insurance partners globally . And the services of Allianz Care are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through specialized multilingual staff.

 a company Allianz Care  is a part of a Allianz Group  , It has a health insurance portfolio that includes many oil companies, investment companies and various other sectors, in addition to embassies, diplomatic missions and civil institutions.  .