Personal accident insurance

Accidents are many and they cause serious injuries sometimes, which may lead to disability or death. Personal accident insurance is a policy that provides compensation when an unexpected accident occurs. Where compensation is paid in the event of the insured’s death or bodily injury that led to his disability due to a direct accident resulting from clear and violent external means.

The main advantages

Personal accident insurance directly and independently of any other causes covers loss resulting from bodily injury due to an accident during or outside work and anywhere in the world.

It is also possible to design individual policies that suit the special requirements of groups within the general framework of the policy benefits.

The amount insured usually depends on the wages / salaries collected or amounts specified by the applicant.

The nature of the coverage:

– Death
– Permanent disability
– Temporary total disability
– Permanent partial disability


This policy can be expanded to cover medical costs borne by the insured as well.

The benefits

  • Death: the sum insured at 100%.
  • Permanent total disability: the sum insured at 100%.
  • Permanent partial disability: Payment is made according to the percentage of disability, according to the laws in force.
  • Temporary total disability: payment is made on a weekly basis, up to a maximum of 52 weeks.
  • Medical costs: the true costs borne by the insured.


  • The illegal behavior of an intentional accident.
  • Accident under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs not prescribed by a certified physician
    Pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Participation in dangerous sport.
  • Regular or temporary military or police missions.
  • Wars and nuclear dangers.
  • Acts of sabotage and terrorism.


  • Personal accident insurance covers all accidents that may occur to the insured and lead to his death or cause permanent disability or temporary total disability, and it also covers medical expenses arising from these accidents, thus avoiding the negative effects that surround daily life.
  • In personal accident insurance, there are no limits to the amount of insurance, but it depends completely on your financial ability, and accordingly, the personal accident insurance policy is recommended for executives, businessmen and people looking for coverage that exceeds the coverage provided by the work injury insurance policy.

Insurance coverage:

  • The personal accident insurance policy covers you all over the world, whether you are on a work mission or vacation, with limited exceptions such as dangerous professions such as blasting and debris pick-up operations from the deep sea, fishing and adventure sports, however, all of these can be covered with an additional premium.
  • Thus, personal accident insurance is important and necessary for every individual, given the dangers we are exposed to during working hours or on the road. It is safe to protect yourself so that you do not fall victim to these dangers.