Fund management system:

To meet the requirements of the Libyan insurance market, the Takaful Insurance Company has started the business of managing health insurance funds since 2014, when it established the Family Takaful Department and began to put this product on the market, which represents a real addition to the services of the Takaful company, as this system provides an integrated health insurance service by specifying an amount for the fund to be agreed upon based on data in the service area and schedule benefits and the number of participants and age .. the Takaful company manages this fund through technical staff with high efficiency, using system email to adjust and review invoices and submit all required reports as well as network medical of the best clinics and labs analysis, pharmacies and Takaful company is obtained fees Only in return for managing the fund, and in the event of a deficit at the end of the year, the contracting party shall cover this deficit, and in the event of a surplus, it is returned to that party or included in the next year’s fund .