Burglary insurance

Insurance policy from burglary:
This document covers theft using violence and force, and compensation for losses and damages that occur to the contents of the insured site as a result:

-Accidents of theft or attempted theft that occurs through an assault on the place or places the subject of the insurance breaks its niches or punctures the walls, ceilings, or floors leading to them .

-Theft or attempted theft under duress that occurs by threatening, declaring or using weapons, or by using violence against the insured or any of his subordinates.

-Loss or damage that occurs to the place or the building containing the things that are the subject of insurance due to an incident of burglary or an attempt to do so.

-Loss or damage to the bodies of vaults or bunker rooms.

-Moreover, the burglary insurance policy can be extended to cover accidents arising from the
dangers of riots, civil unrest and labor strikes. .

-Absence from the insurance eye for a period of more than 30 consecutive days during the insurance period for shops, as well as for a period of more than 60 continuous days during the insurance period for stores.

-Goods in external display bills .

-Objects subject to insurance in a place that is subleased to persons other than the insured, for an additional premium .